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My Best Pregnancy Books site launch

We’re Here for You

This site was created for mothers everywhere, to inform, to guide and to prepare with the most accurate information we can find.  There are so many pregnancy books out there it can be hard to determine what is worth reading, and what is not. To make it even more difficult, the internet is full of every sort of information on birth, correct, incorrect and even completely made up.

It can be overwhelming.  My Best Pregnancy Books works off of the experience and suggestions of birth experts, along with the voice of many successful mothers to provide YOU with quality information that will empower you in the process of motherhood.

I’ve attended many births, and I teach childbirth classes, what I offer here at My Best Pregnancy Books stems from my years of experience in seeking out what is helpful for pregnancy, childbirth preparation, and my family.

Please take your time and look around. There are many different book reviews, top 10 lists, and even articles about pregnancy and childbirth that I encourage you to read.  Let me know if you have any questions.

~Lindsey Morrow